Welcome to the Sabre Sound Studio web site..  We are a full service recording studio.  The services we offer include:  recording, mixing,  audio editing,  mastering,  band recordings, vocalists, singer-songwriter, instrumentalists, album projects and  demos.

We are a hybrid studio - We track using a 24x24 interface giving you the best of digital editing with old fashioned analog studio gear to add character to your sound.

Full band backing tracks are available for your project,  Drums, Bass guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keyboards.

We have a full compliment of amplifiers from original vintage to modern day high gain, a wide variety of keyboards from Korg, Roland, Kurzweil and Wurlitzer.

A sizeable selection of compressors, effects, and a impressive collection of microphones rounds out the gear list…

The list is not complete with out adding a nod to Bruce,  who has been recording and collecting gear since the early 80s.  A studio is not only about the equipment,  the experience of the engineer is as important or more inportant than the gear,  Some pretty impressive recordings have been done with bare minimal equipment !!

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