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Bruce Wendel Sabre Sound Studio Sharp Recordings for YOUR Project

I started recording in the late 70s using 2 cassette decks and a Kelsey mixer to bounce the tracks back in forth while adding more tracks.   I soon moved to a 1/4” Fostex 4 track, then a 1/2” Tascam 8 track, and finally a 1” Tascam 16 Track.  I still have the 1”16.  I entered the digital age when I put together a computer for the sole purpose of running a DAW.

During this time I attended a electronics VO-Tech school.  I used the knowledge gained from school and 30 years of working in the industry to start designing and modify guitar and recording electronics.

I also have spent many many hours of board time owning and running sound at a local eclectic club.  I have run Front of House and / or monitors for a variety of acts such as Leslie West and Mountain,  Los Lonely Boys, The Nighthawks, Jimmy Thackery and the Drivers,  New Riders of the Purple Sage,  Melanie, John Mayall,  Leon Russell, Junior Wells, Buddy Miles, Donna the Buffalo and Derek Trucks.

Running live sound really help develop your ears.  You learn very quickly what is working in a mix and how to fix what isn’t when a national act your mixing comes up with out a sound check and you have to make it sound good,  RIGHT NOW !!